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Corporate Social Responsibility

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We are committed to demonstrating strong social and environmental responsibilities amongst our Members, staff and the wider community.

To do this we are focused on:

  • Raising awareness of our social and environmental responsibility among staff, Members, leadership, suppliers and the wider community.
  • Ensuring that as we support our Members in the achievement of financial wellness, the services we provide do not have harmful social or environmental costs.
  • Adopting policies and programs that address specific areas of our social and environmental responsibilities and consider the needs of our stakeholder groups including Members, Employees, Community, Environment and Suppliers.
  • Maintaining transparency in all that we do.
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  For our Members, this means we will:
  • Provide clear information on the direct and indirect social and environmental implications of purchasing, investing and borrowing decisions.
  • Ensure transparent governance practices and reporting.
  • Facilitate Member support for SERVICE ONE community activities.
  • Engage Members in the ongoing development of our Corporate Social Responsibility policies, practices and programs.
  For our Employees, this means we will:
  • Provide them with a safe environment that supports a healthy lifestyle, one that recognises the value of family and supports balance in our lives.
  • Give them the freedom to express their ideas and opinions openly and honestly and then respect those ideas and opinions.
  • Engage them in personal development programs.
  • Ensure, through our human resources policies and practices that the relationship between SERVICE ONE and staff is that of shared responsibility and shared success.
  In our Communities, this means we will:
  • Engage the communities in which we live, jointly developing long-term, strategic, community programs and initiatives.
  • Provide resources to support the charities and organisations within our communities that make them a better place to live, work and play.
  With our Suppliers, this means we will:
  • Ensure that we have open communication with our suppliers.
  • Evaluate suppliers against our published CSR standards.
  • Support suppliers who do not meet our criteria by providing information and guidance.
  • Where possible, give priority to local suppliers of goods and services.
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