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BPAY is a convenient way to pay your bills and this service is integrated within Internet, mobile and phone banking. With BPAY, you can pay all your bills in one hit. Easier. Faster. Better. Key features of BPAY include:

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Pay bills timing Pay your bills immediately, future-date your payments or set up a recurring payment (non-variable CRNs).
Access to billers There are over 44,000 bills in the national BPAY network, including most councils, telephone, electricity and gas organisations.
Simple to use Once you've registered for Internet, mobile and/or phone banking you are automatically registered to use BPAY.
BPAY over the Internet, mobile Pay your bills within Internet or mobile banking. This service can be accessed by clicking on 'Internet Banking' on the top right of this website. Once you're logged in, simply hover over 'Accounts' and select the BPAY option. Select the BPAY options within both eLink ON-THE-GO mobile banking and the App.
BPAY by phone It's convenient, secure and as painless as paying bills can possibly be. Call our phone banking service, select the BPAY option and follow the prompts to pay your bills.

Variable Customer Reference Numbers (CRNs)

A number of billers who list BPAY as a payment option have Customer Reference Numbers that are variable, that is, they change with each bill. This generally is a result of the biller wanting to be able to track payments relating to specific periods, bills or invoices. You should always check the CRN on your bill when making a payment to ensure that it has not changed. With billers that have Variable CRNs you will only be able to set up once-off payments through eLink Internet banking.

BPAY View - view and pay bills online

BPAY View is a way for you to receive and view your bills through Internet banking. Once registered for BPAY View, you are able to view, pay and track payments at any time via one login, making the management of your bills easy. Imagine not having to worry about bills sitting around unpaid, BPAY View allows you to login from any secure environment to check for bills, schedule a payment, or pay them immediately through BPAY.

Why use BPAY View?

BPAY View gives you the convenience of having your bills sent to the secure environment of Internet banking and benefits you as:

  • it means never losing a bill again - you can view and pay your bills when it suits you, day or night
  • the biller code, Customer Reference Number and amount to pay are pre-populated
  • it gives you the ability to still pay your bills through any payment method the biller offers - BPAY is one easy option
  • you can save, store and file your bills electronically - reducing the piles of paper in your home - you are still able to print out a copy of your paper bill for those times when you need it
  • by saving on paper, BPAY View is an environmentally friendly option, and
  • you can choose which bills you want to receive via BPAY View and if you decide that you wish to return to receiving paper bills it is a simple click to turn BPAY View off.

To get started, all you need to do is log onto Internet banking. After you have logged in, hover over 'My Preferences' in the primary menu and then select 'BPAY View Maintenance'. 


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BPAY® and BPAY View are registered trademarks of BPAY Limited ABN 69 079 137 518.

Check if BPAY is right for you by reading the terms and conditions.

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