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The Mill House Social Enterprise Accelerator hosts first investment showcase

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On Tuesday (31 July 2018) The Mill House Social Enterprise Accelerator hosted their first investment showcase at Leumeah Lodge YMCA, Canberra.

We heard from some amazing social entrepreneurs and ventures as they put forward their for-purpose ethos and pitched for funding. 


  • About: Cyclabilities is a social initiative, therapy-based program that supports road safety and cycling for children with additional needs. Cyclabilities caters to the needs of the child and their family by providing an individualised plan assisting them with balancing, conditioning, strengthening, road safety skills and the development of motor skills. Not only does this program help participants build confidence, it also helps to foster social connection and reduce social isolation among these communities.
  • Fundraising goal: $25,000
  • Use of funds: to subsidise program places, cover cost of allied health professionals (OT, EP, Educators) and cover the costs of the Cyclabilities kit.

More information about Cyclabilities is available here.

  • About: and are initiatives of Community Medics Australia. These programs aim to improve community resilience and preparedness in addition to increasing the survival rate of witnessed cardiac arrests in the Capital region. and will make Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) more accessible to the community by offering a subscription based service to businesses (and a free AED rental program for community organisations and groups). The organisation will also skill community groups/members in the use of AEDs and high quality CPR.
  • Fundraising goal: $25,000
  • Use of funds: to fund the purchase and maintenance of eight AEDs to be used by the ACT community and to provide training workshops.

More information about is available here.


  • About: S.C.E.N.E is an interior design company that provides design skilling programs to disadvantaged people in the community as well as improving deteriorating not-for-profit office spaces. Individuals who participate in the program gain experience in design and learn practical skills that could lead to employment.  
  • Fundraising goal: $4,125
  • Use of funds: to purchase public liability insurance, materials for workshops and purchase media.


  • About: Polibase is a subscription web-based platform that tracks state, council and federal policy changes, public consultations and research to inform advocacy groups. It also aggregates news data on relevant policies selected by the user and analyses changes in dialogue surrounding important issues to allow attribution and measurement in advocacy.
  • Fundraising goal: $7,000 - $8,500
  • Use of funds: tosoft-launch the product across Australia, rent for basic office space, marketing campaign costs and costs for server and Twitter API usage for software.

More information about Polibase is available here.

Third Age Matters

  • About: Third Age Matters is a customised aged-care placement and relocation service for senior citizens living in Canberra and the NSW South Coast region. Third Age Matters also help aging Australians and their families navigate the aged care system by providing support with paperwork and assisting them to find solutions that meet their individual financial and care needs.
  • Fundraising goal: in-kind support
  • Support to: build a suitable Client Management System, develop a cash flow calculator, develop an automated reminder system and a videographer/creative agency to develop a short video series.

More information about Third Age Matters is available here.

Integrated Data – Southern Cross Gateway

  • About: Southern Cross Gateway aims to reduce the administrative burden of participants and service providers in their dealings with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Southern Cross Gateway will provide accounting software to connect business systems with those of government agencies to enable an efficient and easy payment service.
  • Fundraising goal: $15,000
  • Use of funds: contribution to the development of the prototype.


  • About: GetAboutAble aims to empower people with disabilities to explore the world around them (whether that be in their local community or further afield) by making information about accessible and inclusive travel/leisure activities more readily available. GetAboutAble provides an online directory service that features a range of businesses that cater to the needs of those with a disability. This platform encourages community participation and inclusion.
  • Fundraising goal: $25,000
  • Use of funds: toimprove the functionality of GetAboutAble’s existing website, develop legal terms and conditions for website use, registration of trademark and a social media campaign to attract new listings and reviews.

More information about GetAboutAble is available here.


  • About: Woke aims to unite young donors with charities to facilitate an easy and enjoyable donating experience and to create a more equal, educated, connected and compassionate world. Woke is preparing to build an app to connect and inform young donors of charities (by sector). The app will also be used as a platform for exchange and discussion with like-minded people.
  • Fundraising goal: $25,000
  • Use of funds: to develop a prototype app, marketing and validation activities.

Cornerstone Care

  • About: Cornerstone Care aims to address the information gap of ageing Australians by increasing the knowledge of General Practitioners (GP’s) and health practitioners in relation to home and aged care. A series of short presentations to health professionals and the circulation of brochures regarding the topic will assist GP’s and allied health professionals to make better referrals and recommendations for ageing patients. Cornerstone Care also work with aged persons to help them navigate the system and make informed choices.
  • Fundraising goal: $25,00 in the form of a grant
  • Use of funds: cover cost of presentations and collateral.

More information about Cornerstone Care is available here.

The Mill House continues to do amazing work developing and nurturing social entrepreneurs and ventures in our region. As a social enterprise ourselves (and founding partner of the Mill House) we are proud to be a part of this community and well done to everyone involved!

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