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BPAY View Terms and Conditions

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BPAY View is a scheme through which you can receive or access bills or statements electronically from participating Billers. Billers are nominated by you and you will receive your bill electronically either via an email sent to you whenever a bill or statement is received by us with a link to our website or by accessing eLink Internet banking directly. You need to register in order to use BPAY View. You can do this by logging into the eLink Internet banking facility, selecting 'Other' and then selecting 'BPAY View' in the drop down menu. From here, you are able to search for Billers and register to receive their bills and pay these online through eLink. BPAY View is available to all SERVICE ONE Members with access to eLink. If you are not registered for eLink, you will need to contact our Telephone Response Centre on 1300 361 761 during business hours. Below are the terms and conditions relating to the BPAY View service. Using this service will be deemed as an acceptance of these terms and conditions. These should be read in conjunction with SERVICE ONE's other disclosure documents, incorporating the general BPAY service terms and conditions and SERVICE ONE's Privacy Policy.

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BPAY View - Terms and Conditions

  1. You need to register within eLink Internet banking in order to use BPAY View.
  2. If you register with BPAY View, you:
    a. agree to us, and the entity operating the BPAY Scheme (BPAY Pty Ltd), through its agent, disclosing to Billers nominated by you, to the Biller’s financial institution and if necessary to BPAY Pty Ltd and any agent appointed by it from time to time, including Cardlink Services Limited, that provides the electronic systems needed to implement the BPAY Scheme
    - such as your personal information (for example your name, email address and the fact that you are a SERVICE ONE Member) as is necessary to enable Billers to verify that you have registered to receive bills and statements electronically using BPAY View (or telling them if you cease to do so)
    - such as your transactional information as is necessary to process your BPAY payments and you or any user’s use of BPAY View, and
    - that an event in clause 3 (b), (c), (d), (e) or (f) has occurred.
    b. agree to us or a Biller (as appropriate) collecting data about whether you access your emails, eLink and any link to a bill or statement
    c. agree to receive bills and statements electronically and agree that receipt by you of bills and statements electronically in accordance with these terms and conditions satisfies the legal obligations (if any) of a Biller to give you bills and statements. For the purposes of this clause we are authorised to convey your agreement to each Biller nominated by you under (a) as above
    d. you can request access to your information held by us, BPAY Pty Ltd or its agent, Cardlink Services Limited.
  3. You may receive from the applicable Biller paper bills and statements instead of electronic bills and statements:
    a. at your request to a Biller (a fee may be charged by the applicable Biller for supplying the paper bill or statement to you if you ask for this in addition to an electronic form)
    b. if you deregister or the Biller deregisters from the BPAY View scheme
    c. if we receive notification that your mailbox is full, or that you cannot receive any email notification of a bill or statement
    d. if our email to you is returned to us undelivered, for example, if your email address is incorrect or cannot be found
    e. if we are aware that you are unable to access your email or eLink or a link to a bill or statement for any reason
    f. if any function necessary to facilitate BPAY View malfunctions or is not available for any reason for longer than the period specified by the applicable Biller, and
    g. unless we are also the applicable Biller, we accept no liability to provide you with a paper bill or statement in any of the above circumstances, but we will use reasonable endeavours to advise the applicable Biller of the circumstances unless they are already known to it.
  4. You agree that when using BPAY View:
    a. if you receive an email notifying you that you have a bill or statement, then that bill or statement is deemed to have been received by you:
    - when we send the email notification to your server, whether or not you choose to access your email, and
    - at the email address nominated by you.
    b. if you receive notification on eLink without an email then that bill or statement is received by you:
    - when a notification is posted on eLink, whether or not you choose to access eLink, and
    - via eLink.
    c. bills and statements delivered to you, unless deleted by you, remain accessible through eLink for the period determined by the Biller up to a maximum of 12 months, after which they will be deleted, whether paid or not, but subject to there being a maximum of three bills stored per Biller registered to you [if three bills are stored and a new bill or statement is delivered to you the oldest bill (according to the time of delivery) will be deleted by us], and
    d. you must contact the Biller direct if you have any queries in relation to bills or statements.
  5. You must:
    a. check your emails or eLink at least weekly
    b. tell us if your contact details (including email address) change
    c. tell us if you or any user are unable to access your email or eLink or a link to a bill or statement for any reason, and
    d. ensure your mailbox can receive email notifications (e.g. it has sufficient storage space available).
  6. If as a result of an act or omission by you or any user, or the malfunction, failure or incompatibility of computer equipment you are using at any time to participate in BPAY View a bill or statement is:
    a. not delivered to you on time or at all (other than because you failed to view an available bill)
    b. delivered to the wrong person
    c. delivered with incorrect details, or
    d. delivered to you after you have unsuccessfully attempted to deregister from using BPAY View, as soon as you become aware of the error you must contact the applicable Biller to advise of the error and if applicable obtain a correct paper bill or statement. You are also responsible for any charges or interest which are payable to the Biller due to any late payment as a consequence of such error.
  7. Except as expressly provided for in these terms and conditions, we accept no responsibility to arrange for or ensure that any Biller with whom you register to receive bills and statements using BPAY View actually makes those bills or statements available to you. If you fail to receive bills and statements from a Biller, or the bill or statement is not available to be viewed using BPAY View you must contact the applicable Biller to obtain a paper bill or statement.
  8. We reserve the right at any time and for any reason to:
    a. suspend or cancel use of BPAY View entirely or in relation to a particular Biller, and
    b. suspend or cancel your registration to use BPAY View, without notice to you although where possible we will use reasonable endeavours to notify you of such suspension or cancellation.
  9. Any amendment to these terms and conditions will be advised to Members by a notice in SERVICE ONE's eLink Internet banking facility and/or a notice on the SERVICE ONE website.

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