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Beware of scams

Friday, 24 April 2020 15:00


Unfortunately during times of crisis, scammers try to take advantage of increased levels of concern and anxiety in the community. We saw this with the bushfires earlier in the year and more recently with COVID-19. 

We’ve been made aware of a number of scams doing the rounds at the moment and we remind all Members to keep in mind:

We understand during times of isolation it can be enticing to engage with someone over the phone or via email (particularly if they come across as genuine), but keep in mind scammers are becoming more sophisticated and they are actively trying to trick you out of your own money and will use whatever means necessary.

And with many struggling with their finances at the moment, as great as an unclaimed prize or lottery win or access to an unclaimed credit sounds, be cautious and realistic. A legitimate prize win will not try and pressure you to take immediate action, you should feel free to ask questions to determine the legitimacy of it and you have every right to ask who you are speaking to, ask for a phone number to contact them back and contact the company they are claiming to be from using a contact number found from an official directory or website.

Importantly, if you feel as though your personal or financial information has been compromised or you have made an external payment to a fraudster, you should contact SERVICE ONE immediately and provide as much detail as possible as to what has happened.

Find out more about maintaining good security practices.